Privacy Notice

Pursuant to the stipulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as promulgated by the European Union, dutifully engages in the collection and processing of personal data. The ensuing document delineates the specific nature of personal data gathered, the objectives of such collection, and elucidates the rights bestowed upon individuals in relation to these processes. Inquiries regarding individual privacy matters may be directed to via the contact information provided at the conclusion of this statement.

Amendment Date: January 4, 2023

CORPORATE INFORMATION, a brand owned by Manuel Rodriguez and Enrique Oropeza, is duly registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under the business name «The Latin Experience» bearing registration number 87533049, and located at Smient 28, 5361 SR, Grave. Manuel Rodriguez is designated as the responsible party for the processing of personal data as outlined in this privacy statement.’s digital infrastructure is hosted on the servers of, with whom an agreement for service utilization is in place.


Interaction with results in the submission of personal details, either actively (e.g., posting comments) or passively (e.g., browsing articles).


Personal data is processed by solely to the extent necessary for service provision. The objectives for processing include:

  • Functional purposes;
  • Statistical analysis of visitor behavior and click patterns;
  • Service and product offer analysis;
  • Website and online store optimization;
  • Communication purposes;
  • Order processing and management.

Below is an overview of the personal data processed by, contingent upon the utilized service.


For website usage assessment, gathers anonymous data regarding the use of its site. This is facilitated through Google Analytics, a tool aiding in website enhancement to elevate user experience.

The following personal data is processed when visiting

  • Geolocation data;
  • Website navigation behavior;
  • Anonymized IP address;
  • Internet browser and device type.

This data is collected via Google Analytics cookies stored in your browser upon initial site visit. employs solely analytical cookies for website visitation tracking and endeavors to anonymize this data as much as feasible. The collected data is not repurposed or made accessible to third parties. does not share personal data with Google nor employs other Google services in conjunction with Google Analytics. Data is automatically deleted post a 50-month duration.

NEWSLETTER MEMBERS provides readers the option to subscribe to a free monthly newsletter, disseminating updates about upcoming events in the Netherlands and Europe, and tips for living abroad. Newsletter creation and distribution utilize Mailchimp.

The following personal data is processed when subscribing to the newsletter:

  • Name and surname (if known);
  • Email address;
  • Subscription interest.

Newsletter emails are sent exclusively to individuals who have explicitly consented to receive them. Subscribers can alter their details or unsubscribe via the newsletter’s unsubscribe button or the unsubscribe form on’s website. Personal data of newsletter members is not shared with third parties but may be shared with other related websites owned by the same entity.

The following data is processed upon receiving and opening a newsletter:

  • Frequency of newsletter opening;
  • Click locations within the newsletter;
  • Time and location of access;
  • Internet browser and device type.

This data collection serves functional and analytical purposes, specifically to enhance’s newsletters. The collected data is not shared with external entities.


Clients and readers of may engage with the organization via contact forms or email for inquiries about events, general web content, collaborative opportunities, or promotional activities on

Upon initiating contact through these means, the following personal data is processed:

  • Name and surname;
  • Email address. employs Webmail and Gmail as its primary email communication tools for interacting with clients and readers. All received emails are responded to expeditiously and retained for a maximum period of one year, or as long as necessary based on the nature or content of the contact form or email correspondence. Once an email is deleted, the associated data is no longer retained. This data is not made available to third parties nor used for purposes other than those stated.

SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS maintains a presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, allowing readers to stay updated about events in the Netherlands. These platforms may also be utilized for promotional purposes (for’s products/services or those of third parties). Sponsored posts on social media are clearly indicated as such.

The following personal data is processed for followers of on social media:

  • Account name;
  • Name and surname (if known);
  • Location (if known);
  • Place of birth (if known);
  • Nationality (if known);
  • Likes, retweets, and comments.

This data collection is for functional and analytical purposes to improve’s social media campaigns. Information gathered is not made available to others unless it pertains to a sponsored post. In such cases, campaign results are analyzed in aggregate, and all personal details are anonymized.

Social media followers can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Upon unsubscribing, their data will no longer be retained.


Clients and readers may also engage with through social media by writing responses or sending private messages.

The following personal data is processed when sending a response or message via social media:

  • Account name;
  • Name and surname (if known);
  • Location (if known);
  • Place of birth (if known);
  • Nationality (if known).

This data collection is solely for functional purposes, such as responding to inquiries. The data is not made available to third parties nor used for other purposes. Private messages received via social media may be stored for up to one year or until the communication is completed. If a message is deleted, the data will no longer be retained. Publicly posted messages or comments by users will continue to exist unless deleted by the user.


Readers may post comments on’s blog posts. To prevent spam and comments contrary to the website’s policy, moderates comments before publication.

The following personal data is processed when submitting a comment:

  • Name and surname;
  • Website (if applicable);
  • Email address (visible only to the organization);
  • IP address (visible only to the organization).

Note that when posting a comment, the information (name, surname, and website) and content are visible to anyone visiting Therefore, avoid posting sensitive or personal information without consent.

This data collection is solely for functional purposes, such as sending confirmation upon comment publication. The data is not shared with others nor used for other purposes. Comments published on will remain unless the individual chooses to remove them.

THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES may feature links or banners to third-party websites. This privacy statement does not apply to these third-party sites linked through cannot assure that these third parties handle personal data in a reliable or secure manner. It is advisable to read the privacy statements of these websites before utilizing them.

PURCHASING PRODUCTS THROUGH THELATINXPERIENCE.COM markets its own products and services, such as events and apparel, as well as third-party products and services through affiliate links. This includes tours, hotel stays, flight tickets, and event tickets. These affiliate links redirect to websites outside’s domain. When a reader visits these associated sites and places an order, they are providing their personal data not to but to the respective online store.

This privacy statement does not extend to these external online stores. Each vendor manages the processing and storage of customer personal data in their unique way. cannot assure that these online stores handle personal data reliably or securely. Therefore, it is recommended to review the privacy policies of these online stores before engaging with or placing orders on them.


As a web entity, processes various personal data, which is of significant value. Ensuring careful and secure processing of this data is of paramount importance to To ensure data security, collaborates exclusively with accredited companies and, where necessary, under a security agreement. also employs an HTTPS domain to protect visitors. This ensures that personal data is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Below are details on how protects its visitors’ personal data.

DURATION OF PERSONAL DATA STORAGE BY THELATINXPERIENCE.COM retains personal data no longer than necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. Subsequently, this data is either deleted or anonymized. Anonymization means that the data can no longer be traced back to an individual.

DOES THELATINXPERIENCE.COM SHARE PERSONAL DATA WITH OTHERS? does not share personal data with third parties unless necessary for fulfilling a contract, legally required, or essential for implementing specific functionalities. Examples include sending newsletters via Mailchimp, analyzing user browsing behavior through Google Analytics, or engaging with a blog post through Facebook. In cases of contests, winner details are shared with the relevant organization. In these instances, has special agreements with its collaborating organizations to ensure user confidentiality.

In instances of suspected fraud or abuse, may provide personal data to the appropriate authorities.


You have the right to view, correct, limit, or delete the personal data that processes about you. To exercise these rights, please contact If you have questions or comments about how handles your personal data, you can also contact the organization using the contact details provided at the bottom of this privacy statement.


For inquiries about privacy and cookie policies or to access and modify (or delete) your personal data, contact:

To prevent misuse, may request proper identification. When accessing personal data linked to a cookie, a copy of the relevant cookie must be sent. This can be found in your browser settings.

MODIFICATIONS TO THE PRIVACY POLICY reserves the right to make amendments to this data privacy policy. Therefore, it is advisable to periodically review this statement to stay informed of any changes.