Cookies T&Cs

Cookie Policy employs cookies and other technologies such as JavaScript on its website. The use of certain cookies also involves the processing of personal data. This statement explains what cookies are used and why.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. uses various types of cookies. Cookies are essential for the proper functioning and user-friendliness of These cookies always comprise anonymous data that cannot trace back to an individual. Cookies cannot harm your computer or the files on your computer.

Third-Party Cookies

Cookies from other companies (such as Google) are also stored when you visit This allows to combine the information provided through cookies on with other external information. Each company has its own privacy and cookie policy.

Other Technologies

JavaScript is a standard Internet technology that, along with cookies, ensures that a system can collect information (JavaScripts) and store it in small, simple text files (cookies).

Purpose of Cookies

Cookies and other technologies are used on nearly all websites and online stores. By using cookies, for example, it ensures that:

User behavior is recorded, and the website and online store can be improved;

The ads shown are relevant to the user;

Functionalities such as shopping carts or maps can be offered.

Cookies Used by uses various types of cookies. On, you have the option to accept third-party cookies (so-called marketing cookies). By using, you automatically accept essential, preference, and analytical cookies.

Functional or Necessary Cookies

Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly. Think, for example, of functionalities like leaving a comment or sending a message.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies use Google Analytics to collect statistics about the website’s usage. For instance, data about how frequently is visited, what pages are read, or where visitors come from. By measuring website usage, can always improve its content for the benefit of users.

Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies are cookies that enable the functionality of other websites. Think of a YouTube video, a Google map, or a “like” button for Facebook. Social media cookies are placed by the social media websites themselves when clicked on. To learn more about the cookies placed by social media and the data they collect through these cookies, you can read the statements these parties provide on their own websites. The following companies place social media cookies on


Google Maps / Google+ / YouTube




Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies from other companies are also placed on (also known as marketing cookies). This allows ads from other companies to be displayed on With these advertising cookies, it’s possible to show users the ads most relevant to them.

For cookies that other companies place to display ads, it is recommended to read the privacy statement of these companies. The following companies place advertising cookies on







Your Rights Regarding Cookies

If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings. In addition, you can delete all previously stored information via your browser settings. Note that the settings for each browser, device, and computer you use must be adjusted separately.

On the desktop:

In Internet Explorer: go to Tools > Internet Options > General. In Browsing Data, click «Delete,» check «Cookies and Website Data,» and click «Delete.» You can also choose here «Preserve Favorite Website Data.»

In Firefox: go to Preferences > Privacy. Click «Remove Individual Cookies» > «Remove All» (or select the cookies you want to delete). You can also choose here whether you only want to allow functional cookies or block all cookies. This is possible through so-called block lists.

In Chrome: in the menu, go to Clear browsing data, select a period, and check «Cookies and other site data.» Click «Clear browsing data.»

In Safari: go to Preferences > Privacy. Choose what you want to do with cookies or click «Remove All Website Data.»

On mobile devices:

In the standard browser (Android) of the phone/tablet: open your browser and tap the three dots at the top right of your screen. Go to Settings > Privacy. Here you can enable and disable «Accept cookies.»

In the standard browser (Safari) of iPhone/iPad: go to Settings > Safari on your iPhone. Here you can delete your cookies and block them in the future. «Block Cookies» can always be turned on and off.

You can find more information about enabling and disabling and deleting cookies in the instructions and/or using the help function of your browser. Do you use a different browser on your computer, phone, or tablet? Then check the settings of your browser to adjust your cookie settings.

Viewing and Changing Your Data

For questions about the privacy and cookie policy or questions about accessing and changing (or deleting) your personal data, you can contact:

To prevent abuse, may ask you to adequately identify yourself. When it comes to accessing personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find this in your browser settings.

Modification of the Cookie Policy reserves the right to make changes to this data privacy and cookie storage policy. Therefore, it is advisable to consult this statement periodically to stay informed of these changes.