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Last Updated 20 December 2023,

These Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’) are intended to inform you of your rights and obligations as a user of this website, including the purchase of tickets to our events. Herein, you will also find all the necessary information regarding the personal data we collect, its purpose, as well as the usage norms governing this platform.

By accessing this website https://www.thelatinxperience.com, you assume the status of a user, whereby the content of this Legal Notice directly applies to you. It is imperative that you read this document to dispel any uncertainties you may have and to understand fully the conditions you are accepting.

Identity and Ownership of the Website

‘The Latin Experience’ is a trademark owned by Manuel Rodriguez and Enrique Oropeza, registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under the name ‘The Latin Experience’ with registration number 87533049 at the address Smient 28, 5361 SR, Grave.

The Latin Experience is associated with the domain https://www.thelatinxperience.com, hosted on the servers of Sered.net, and its content is managed via WordPress.org.

For inquiries, additional information, or direct communication with our team, interested parties may contact us via email at contacto@thelatinxperience.com.

In addition to our own events, ‘The Latin Experience’ actively collaborates in the production of events with other recognized brands. These collaborative events will be clearly identified and registered with the relevant authorities. The terms and conditions of ‘The Latin Experience’ will also apply to these events and can be found on associated websites. On such sites, we will identify ourselves with phrases such as ‘Powered by The Latin Experience’, ‘Created by The Latin Experience’, ‘Produced by The Latin Experience’, or similar terms to denote our participation and endorsement.

Intellectual Property

All content present on the website thelatinexperience.com, including, but not limited to, logos, articles, web pages, travel guides, images, photographs, graphic designs, and any other material, are the exclusive property of «The Latin Experience», co-owned by Manuel Rodriguez and Enrique Oropeza. These contents are protected under copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights.

The reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation, or modification of any content from the website thelatinexperience.com, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written and explicit consent of «The Latin Experience». This prohibition applies to both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

In instances where third-party content is included, such as advertising, interviews, guest articles, or any other material not originally created by «The Latin Experience», such content will be clearly identified and attributed to its respective owners or authors, in accordance with their intellectual property rights and in compliance with applicable laws.

«The Latin Experience» will implement necessary measures to ensure the respect and protection of intellectual property rights, both for its own content and the content of third parties. Legal action will be taken against any infringement or unauthorized use of these rights.

Should «The Latin Experience» decide to grant licenses or permissions for the use of its content, such agreements will be formalized through the appropriate legal documentation, clearly specifying the terms and conditions of such use.

Intellectual Property Rights of Event Photographs

Ownership and Use of Content

All photographs, images, videos, and other visual media (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) captured during events hosted by The Latin Experience are the exclusive property of The Latin Experience. By participating in our events, attendees grant The Latin Experience the unconditional and perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, and otherwise exploit such Content, in any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed.

Right to Oppose Use of Content

Attendees have the right to object to the use of specific Content captured during our events. To exercise this right, the attendee must submit a written notice of their objection to The Latin Experience within thirty (30) days following the event. The notice should clearly identify the specific Content to which the attendee objects and provide a reasonable basis for the objection.

If a valid objection is not received by The Latin Experience within the specified thirty (30) day period, the attendee will be deemed to have waived any rights to object to the use of the Content, and The Latin Experience shall retain perpetual, irrevocable, and sublicensable rights to use the Content as outlined herein.

Sublicensing and Modification of Content

The Latin Experience reserves the right to sublicense its rights over the Content to third parties without requiring further consent from the attendees. Additionally, The Latin Experience retains the right to modify, alter, or otherwise change the Content in any way deemed necessary for its use, in accordance with the rights granted herein.

By participating in our events, attendees acknowledge and agree that the rights granted to The Latin Experience under this section are without compensation or acknowledgment of any kind to the attendee. Attendees affirm that they have no expectation of compensation or attribution and waive any rights to the same.

Usage Norms

Thelatinexperience.com is an event platform that provides detailed information about experiences and events produced by «The Latin Experience» in the Netherlands. This information includes photographs, videos of past events, links for ticket purchases, community blogs, details about our team, and the values of our brand.

By accessing and using thelatinexperience.com, users agree to use the content offered on the platform appropriately and respectfully. This includes refraining from using the content for illegal or illicit purposes and avoiding the dissemination of racist, discriminatory, pornographic content, content that advocates terrorism, xenophobic content, or content that violates human rights.

Thelatinexperience.com is committed to respect and dignity in communication. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove or modify any comments on our blogs or platforms that violate these established norms of use, maintaining a positive and constructive environment for all users.


Opinions, viewpoints, and comments expressed on thelatinexperience.com are of a personal nature and exclusively represent the views of their respective authors. These do not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies, or values of «The Latin Experience». The responsibility for such opinions lies entirely with the author(s).

At «The Latin Experience», we continuously strive to offer updated and accurate information on our website. However, we acknowledge that there may be occasions when the information published may be incomplete, outdated, or incorrect, due to external changes or other unforeseen factors. Therefore, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information presented.

«The Latin Experience» assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or use that users or readers make of the information or content available on thelatinexperience.com, including, but not limited to, blogs, vlogs, and other media formats. Furthermore, we disclaim all liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the use of or reliance on the information provided.

The use of the information and content available on thelatinexperience.com is a decision and responsibility exclusively of the user. We advise our readers to always verify the information obtained through our website and to apply their own critical and personal judgment in its use. «The Latin Experience» is not responsible for decisions made based on such information.

«The Latin Experience» commits to correcting any errors or inaccuracies in the information as soon as possible once these are identified or reported. Users can contact us at contacto@thelatinxperience.com to report any inaccuracies or to request clarifications.


Regularly, articles and announcements of upcoming events are published on Thelatinxperience.com. All information and advice available on Thelatinxperience.com are derived from the personal experience of the author(s) or obtained through word-of-mouth. Thelatinxperience.com commits to sharing only those tips and events that are truly helpful to our users.

All events conducted and offered on Thelatinxperience.com are selected and funded by Thelatinxperience.com, unless otherwise stated. All articles and reviews on Thelatinxperience.com additionally contain the honest opinion of the author(s).

Ticket Purchase

Thelatinxperience.com offers tickets for sale for its events and other activities. The platform we use is Eventix.io, and the Terms and Conditions of Eventix.io apply when purchasing tickets through this platform. These Terms and Conditions must be reviewed and accepted by the users.

Tickets for The Latin Experience events are non-refundable, except in cases where an event is canceled by our decision, or it is impossible to establish a new date for a canceled event. This policy applies regardless of the personal circumstances of the buyer or any changes in the buyer’s plans after the ticket purchase.

In certain circumstances, users may opt to purchase ticket insurance at the time of ticket purchase. This insurance is provided by third parties and is subject to its own terms and conditions, which must be read and understood by the users before acquiring the insurance.

In the event that administrative errors are made by «The Latin Experience», such as errors in the issuance of tickets or in the information provided about an event, we commit to correcting such errors promptly. Users affected by such errors will receive appropriate compensation, to be determined at the discretion of «The Latin Experience».

While we strive to ensure accuracy in pricing information, in the case of an error in the pricing of tickets (such as an incorrectly low price), «The Latin Experience» reserves the right to cancel tickets purchased at such incorrect price. In such cases, any payment made will be fully refunded to the user, but «The Latin Experience» will not assume additional responsibility for such errors.

«The Latin Experience» reserves the right to modify this ticket purchase and refund policy at any time. Any changes will be appropriately communicated through our official channels.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are posts partially written by third parties for which Thelatinxperience.com receives compensation. Thelatinxperience.com engages in collaborations only with companies and brands relevant to the theme of the website. Any sponsored article is duly indicated as such.

Affiliate Links

Thelatinxperience.com offers third-party products and services via affiliate links. This includes tickets for events, hotel stays, and flight tickets.

When a reader visits one of these associated sites through a link on Thelatinxperience.com and makes a purchase, Thelatinxperience.com receives a small commission for the transaction made.

Readers who click on an external website do so at their own risk. Therefore, it is advisable to read the privacy statement of these external websites before using them.

Thelatinxperience.com is not responsible for any orders or reservations made on external websites. Thelatinxperience.com is not a travel agency and does not sell tickets. If you have questions about a reservation, please contact the travel provider, ticket seller, hotel, or airline with whom you have booked.


Thelatinxperience.com utilizes third-party banners on the website. When a reader decides to click on a banner, Thelatinxperience.com receives a small reward.

Once you leave the website, Thelatinxperience.com cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data securely. Therefore, it is recommended to read the privacy statement of these websites before using them.


Thelatinxperience.com uses cookies to evaluate the website and ensure its proper functioning. Marketing cookies are used to generate revenue.


Thelatinxperience.com engages in the collection and processing of personal data with the utmost diligence and care. The handling of these data is meticulously aligned with the stringent standards and requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. In our commitment to safeguarding personal information, we employ advanced security measures and protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data entrusted to us. Furthermore, Thelatinxperience.com’s data processing activities are conducted with the clear objective of enhancing user experience and service delivery, adhering at all times to the principles of legality, fairness, and transparency as enshrined in the GDPR.

Modification of Legal Notice Content

Thelatinxperience.com reserves the right to make modifications to these conditions at any time and without prior notice, in response to the needs and changes in the system. Therefore, it is advisable to consult this page periodically to be aware of these changes.